Nearly four million livestock is exported at Berbera port contributing to 60 per cent of Somaliland’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

The port is awash with import and export activities and serves as the main source of revenue that strengthens the economy of Somaliland.

Berbera Port Authority (BPA), General Accountant, Mr Osman Ahmed says at least 3,500 people directly work at the busy port supporting both the local and national economy.

Livestock is exported to Yemen, Oman, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia among other countries in the Middle East.
Berbera is the largest animal exporting port in the region. According to the BPA, extension plans are underway to increase the operational capacity of the port.

“Berbera is a busy port that contributes to our economy; as a result, the port authority has embarked on plans to add additional operational spaces to the already existing ones”, Mr Ahmed said.

Speaking to, the accountant noted that Somaliland imports cars, electronics and food from the United Arab Emirates with each trip taking a period of seven days.

Its strategic location on the world’s busiest shipping also allows Berbera port serve ships from the Gulf countries.

Threats of piracy had reduced business activities at the port, but in the past three years, explains Mr Ahmed, the shipping route has resumed work after EUNAVFOR forces took camp along the Somali waters to wade off attacks and arrest Somali pirates.

By Zamzam Abdi Karim | Photo: Jon Cuesta

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