More than 400 students graduated from ADMAS University Hargeisa as Somaliland president announced heightened educational services as a means to end human trafficking.
Ahmed Mohammed Silanyo who was a guest of honour at Wednesdays’ graduation ceremony congratulated the graduating students for their diligence and challenged them to become the leaders of tomorrow.

“You are part of doctors, technicians and entrepreneurs of Somaliland. We are waiting for your creativity, skills, influence and leadership that will; promote your people and your country,” the president said.

Somaliland is one of the largest regions affected by human trafficking which led to increasing number of youth moving from their homeland in order to gain better life at the overseas.

Unemployment, lack of technical know-how and poverty are said to be the contributing factors to mass emigration in which hundreds of youth are killed in the Mediterranean Sea.

While speaking at the ceremony, ADMAS University Chanellor Ihsan Omer stated that the university continues to play a pivotal role in developing the capacity of its students through the learning process, research and community development projects.
Mr Omer congratulated the students and advised them to ‘honestly and unreservedly use and apply the knowledge you have obtained at ADMAS to change yourself, your family and your beloved country’.

“The university has conducted seven national research conferences, hosted one international conference and preparing a second forum in the future to respond to growing needs and demands of the government and people of Somaliland”, stated Mr Omer.

ADMAS is one of the two Ethiopian learning institutions that offer programs to Somaliland students. Both the administration and officials praised the relationship between the two Horn of Africa countries.
ADMAS University Hargeisa began its operations in 2006 and in the process made a positive impact on the progress of higher education of Somaliland. It also provided easy access to badly needed domestic education service that was previously sought abroad at a prohibitively expensive cost.

Programs offered include degrees in economics, accounting and finance, management, Information Communication Technology, development studies, political science and international relations, architecture and urban planning. Other new programs for this academic year include degrees in computer science public administration, sociology and social work and a distance learning system for selected programs.

ADMAS Hargeisa is home to nearly 3000 students and 200 highly qualified and experienced professionals hailing from different cultures, ethnicities and backgrounds. It includes professionals and tutors from Ethiopia, India, Europe and highly skilled human resource from Somaliland.

The institution commenced its operation in October 1998 under the then ‘ADMAS Business Training Centre’ in Ethiopia. The college then transformed into ADMAS University College in 2007.
Recently, the university won certificate of appreciation for becoming one of the top twenty 156 organizations from Ethiopian Quality Award Agency for its exemplary quality endeavours.
In the past 14 years, over 37,000 graduated from the university with a current student population of 15,000 in both Ethiopia and Hargeisa.

The graduation ceremony was held at Maan-soor Hotel in Hargeisa where the delegates, students and visiting officials were entertained with songs and dance.

By Zamzam Abdi Karim | Photos: Jon Cuesta

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